10 reasons why you should upgrade your system to Windows 8

A quick glance at Windows 8 will tell you that this is not Windows 7 or XP or any other Windows that you might be familiar with. The Start screen is a sharp departure from the Start of old and the live tiles are a fresh new way of interacting with your PC… but is it worth making the change to the new colorful Windows 8?

Windows 8 is a big change for Microsoft and at its core is the belief that work and play are intertwined and so really are the use cases for tablets and computers. Of course this tablet and computer “best of both worlds” is really evident in the new touchscreen Windows 8 hardware, but the ideas behind the new OS still shine even when it is in the form of an upgrade. While new hardware might not be in the picture for you, there are still reasons why you might want to consider moving your PC to Windows 8, here are a few:

1. It Looks Really Nice. Of course there are other benefits than simply looks to Windows 8, but since we are a design site, we would be remiss not to star…