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Yesterday at our Windows Store Preview event in San Francisco, we announced our plans for distributing Metro style Windows 8 apps via the new Windows Store.  As part of that event, we also announced an exciting opportunity for developers: the First Apps Contest.  Based on the tremendous amount of feedback we’ve received, and the nearly 3 million downloads of Windows 8 Developer Preview, we know many developers have been writing code and building apps. With this contest, we now provide you the opportunity to take that passion to the next level and show off the amazing experiences you are bringing to Windows 8.

Beginning yesterday and running until January 8th, 2012, you will have the chance to submit your apps to the First Apps Contest. I am excited to announce that I will be one of the three judges for this contest, alongside Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President of Visual Studio, and Jensen Harris, Partner Director of Program Management for the Windows User Experience. Together, we will determine the top 8 apps that best embody the Metro style principles as well as deliver the most value to end users. 

Each of the winners will have their app name reserved in the Store and will be featured in the Store when it opens at Windows 8 Beta. Beyond the bragging rights of having their apps be among the first in the Windows Store, the winning publishers will also each receive some prizes that will help them further improve their apps: 12 months of Windows Azure hosting, a 2-year subscription to the Windows Store, and a Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC, the same as was handed out at the BUILD conference.

I am extremely excited to see all your great apps!  Over the course of the next month, polish your apps, fix those bugs, and submit your entries.  You can find more information about the submission process as well as full contest details at

- Antoine

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